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S1 Ep1: Introduction to 180 Days...

In this episode, you are introduced to the hosts of the 180 Days Podcast, Tim Pope and Karen Greenhaus. You will get a sense of their educational background and a sense of what this podcast will be focusing on for future episodes. It's about education and all the factors that come into play when thinking about education policy, teachers, students, parents, and so much more.

Episode 1: More Information

Welcome to our first post for our new podcast. Tim and I have been colleagues and friends for over 10 years, both with a diverse background in multiple education arenas. This includes public school teachers, teaching on reservations, teaching online and at the higher ed level, working in the publishing industry, and most importantly, being parents.

We are starting this podcast because there is so much happening in education on a daily basis, and in our personal experiences with parents and other educators, there is a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, and lack of information about much of what goes on in education. Since we have over 50 years in education combined, we thought maybe some of our insight into the strange and evolving world of education might be helpful to others. Plus we just love to hear ourselves talk and since we don't travel together anymore, this gives us a chance to connect again, even if virtually!

Our aim is to enlighten, entertain, inform and provide different perspectives to many different aspects of education. Thanks for checking us out!

**Bear with us as we learn the ropes of podcasting and explore our sound issues and all things technical!!

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