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S1 Ep4: School Choice

School choice is a hot-button topic these days with the Trump Administration and the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, being huge proponents of school choice.

This episode explores the different types of school choice, funding options behind school choice, and who decides who really controls the decision on what school your student can go to.

School choice is more than just picking a school and taking the public fund money and going to that school. Each state has different rules governing school choice, and there are different ways to fund school choice. Below are several links to relevant articles and resources that will provide you with more insight and information.

1) EdChoice - a great resource that defines school choice, describes the different types of school choice, and related funding

2) NCSLvouchers - state-by-state comparison of the school voucher law

3) NCSLschoolchoice - searchable by type of school choice and by state, showing all the different types of school choice options with description (interactive)

4) Brookings - a good article on how states could expand the private-school choice programs

5) Education Commission of the States - another good side-by-side comparison of the states and their school choice options. Great if you are curious about what the options are in your state

6) Center for Education Reform - nice concise article with definitions of the type of school choice and what they mean, some historical information and data on school choice.

7) Interesting editorial about students with disabilities laws and how school choice impacts students with disabilities.

(again - our sound issues are just about resolved, so hopefully this will be the last episode with any sound concerns!!)

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