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S3 Ep5: MathKind: Sharing Culture, Building Community & Pursuing Math Equity with Chadd McGlone

Dr. Chadd McGlone is the cofounder of Mathkind, a non-profit education organization that focuses on building quality math education programs through collaborative partnerships that drive greater social justice. Chadd launched Mathkind in 2014, but prior to that spent fifteen years in the classroom teaching mathematics and science to middle school students.

He has served as the president of the North American Study Group in Ethnomathematics and currently is a member of the US National Commission on Mathematics Instruction. In this episode, he explains more about the work that Mathkind does and the importance of supporting teachers and being culturally responsive in how we approach mathematics instruction.

Chadd shares his teaching experiences and what led to his revelation about teaching that ultimately led to his founding Mathkind. He talks about his work to get his teaching certification made him realize that math education is not about ‘getting the answer’, but how students think about mathematics, and using their real-world experiences and connections to help them become mathematical thinkers. He wanted to share the joy of mathematics and help teachers around the world to give them the support to teach the way they know using the math they teach at home.

Throughout the episode, Chadd shares how they find partners, and the focus of the support - it’s about teaching mathematics from the foundations of what is local and familiar and building on this. They help teachers learn the nuances of teaching and build a toolbox of mathematical strategies. The focus is on supporting leaders in understanding what deep mathematical learning looks like, supporting them to help their teachers so that teachers are learning from leaders that look like them, understand their community, and can support them where they are at.

Throughout the episode, Chadd shares many stories and experiences that model the vision of Mathkind. He shares stories from Ecuador, Guatemala, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and more. There are also Global Math Stories shared, which is a free resource that any teacher can use to create some global connections in their own math class. He also discusses ways to become part of the team and be involved in things like the Teacher Trips.

Questions and topics explored in this episode:

  1. What is Mathkind and their purpose?

  2. How does being a classroom teacher lead to a global coaching non-profit?

  3. Did President James Garfield really do a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem??

  4. How do we change the way we teach from the way WE were taught and instead make teaching mathematics different and relevant to students?

  5. Who is Carol Malloy?

  6. What is the goal of Mathkind and how do you connect teachers around the world?

  7. What does it mean to have a rich, mathematical task?

  8. How can you use strategies that support the culture and lived experiences of the community, teachers and students?

  9. How is the Mathkind experience different, depending on the country?

  10. Why is Mathkind not supporting United States math instruction, but are instead focused on other countries?

  11. Global Math Stories - how can they support culturally responsive problem-solving and social justice?

  12. If you volunteer for the Teacher Trips, what is that experience like?

  13. Why is Kentucky Fried chicken valued in the Galapagos?

  14. What does education mean to people around the world?

  15. Professional development is NOT about telling others what to do, but should be about understanding the culture and teachers you are working with so that they feel empowered.

  16. What are the supports that MathKind provides for teachers, leaders, students, etc.?

  17. What are the requirements that decide what countries Mathkind might partner with?

Links to resources mentioned in the episode:

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